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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
hate him. The application to the Duke of Newcastle, by the most direct means, I should think the best, or by any one that can be serviceable to the government.
You will laugh at an odd accident that happened the other day to my uncle: they put him into the papers for Earl of Sheffield. There have been little disputes between the two Houses about coming into each other's House; when a lord comes into the Commons, they call out withdraw: that day, the moment my uncle came in, they all roared out, lottlidraw! withdraw!
The great Mr. Nugent has been unfortunate, too, in Parliament; besides being very ill heard, from being a very indifferent speaker; the other day on the Place Bill, (which, by the way, we have new modelled and softened, and to which the Lords have submitted to agree to humour Pulteney,) he rose, and said, 'He would not vote, as he was not determined in his opinion; but he would offer his sentiments; which were, particularly, that the bishops had been the cause of this bill being thrown out before.' Win-nington called him to order, desiring he would be tender of the Church of England. You know he was a papist. In answer to the beginning of his speech, Velters Cornwall, who is of the same side, said, ' He wondered that when that gentleman could not convince himself by his eloquence, he should expect to convince the majority.'
Did I tell you that Lord Eochford9 has at last married Miss Young10? I say, at last, for they don't pretend to have been married this twelvemonth; but were publicly married last week.—Adieu 1
9 William Henry Nassau de Zule-stein (1717-1781), fourth Earl of Eochford; Lord of the Bedchamber, 1738; Envoy to Turin, 1749-65; Groom of the Stole, 1755-60; Ambassador to Madrid, 176S-66; Ambassador to Paris, 1766-68; Secretary
of State for the Northern Province, 1768; for the Southern Province, 1770-75 ; KG., 1778.
10 Daughter of Edward Young, Esq. She had been Maid of Honour to the Princess of Wales. Walpole.